We are pleased to introduce Rainbow Foods as a large food-processing conglomerate based at the picturesque hill resort of lonavla near Mumbai in India. Rainbow is an ISO 9001:2000 HACCP, FPO & SUD certified company with state-of-the-art food processing machinery and a highly skilled work-force of over 350 that turn out 25MT of assorted FMCG product like Confectionery -- Jellies and Chocolate, Vinegars and Wines and Tropical fruits
    Now On Sale
  Sugar Paste Decorations for   use on Cakes, Pastries and   traditional indian Mithai...
     Deposited Fruit Jelly
  Deposited fruit jelly in
  various shapes of Fruits,
  Flowers, Toys and Popular

                            Special Offers | Tropicales

Introducing ready to drink (RTD) Nectar in Mango, Litchi, Orange and Strawberry flavours.
                                          125ml PP Cup x 24 Nos. Carton


  Fruit/Milk Pudding
Healthy dairy snacks -
  Pudding containing fruit
  juice/pulp & milk now on
  sale in six fruit flavours..